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How Does Motivation Work?

What is motivation? Many people use the word to describe the inner push to get them to take a first step. For example, "I do not have the motivation to go to the gym," or "I need the motivation to start going to the gym." A search of the word in the dictionary may provide definitions that substantiate the use of the word in these examples. However, there is another angle to motivation that can be considered.

Instead of waiting for the motivation to start going to the gym or start eating correctly or whatever the action is, how about making a choice?

"I choose to start going to the gym." That means that I am not waiting for motivation to go to the gym, I am simply making a choice. This is what would move me from passively waiting to actively pursuing a goal. Anyone waiting on the motivation to do anything is in a state of passiveness. The problem with being in that state is that there is no forward movement. Life is there for the taking. Sitting idly by and waiting for the fire to be kindled inside of you will only delay your destiny! Yet that is exactly what most people are doing when they wait for the motivation to do something.

On the other hand, if a choice is made to go to the gym then there is forward motion. This does not mean however that motivation is thrown out the window. In fact, after the decision is made, motivation steps up to the plate. Once the choice is made to go to the gym, do you know what it is that keeps you going back? Yes, it is motivation.

does not feed passivism. It is an inner propulsion mechanism. When there is motion, motivation will keep the momentum going. Do not think of motivation as the force that will take you from a standstill to movement. Think of it as the force that propels your movement in a given direction. So think of any area of your life where you are waiting for the motivation. If you find an area, then change your attitude and make a choice. Anything you have been wanting to do and you are not taking any forward action towards, does not need motivation. Those are areas where you need to make a choice to get going. Once you are moving, then motivation will play its part.

Let motivation be the force that keeps you going and not the one to get you going.

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