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Comparison between Nokia C7 and C6

What a Comparison between Nokia C7 and C6? Hmm .. I'll try to compare the two gadget based on my usage for both this gadget.
Comparison of C7 and C6 nokia is not my point of emphasis on the specifications, but purely on convenience of use, performance of hardware and software only. And do not forget I will be presenting some photo shots as a comparison between nokia C7 and c6.

Oke.. comparison begins from first prices, prices are obviously the C6 cheaper than C7. When the price of C7 in figure 4 million at the level of C6 was 2.5 million. Actually, this two gadget unfit to be compared because the price level is quite remote. But there may be someone which again need the comparison ..

Further comparison between C6 and C7 in terms of extravagance battery. Honestly wrote, when i use C6 seems more often really charge the battery and not so when i use C7, except in the early use of new and updated software.

Touch-screen sensitivity problems, the answer is obvious .. C7 more responsive than C6 , because capacitive technology. while c6 still wearing resitif. However, shortcomings, C7 should always use your fingers touch. If you want to use the stylus, now a special stylus for capacitive already there.

Affairs typing. I think nokia C6 win. even button on the attached, I think physical qwerty keyboard typing to use more cool, more so the screen is fixed and wider. If You use C7 so narrow-screen when typing notes for instance-because there will appear a virtual keyboard.

Well out of the comparison above nokia c6 C7 and C7-deserved sense i elected compared with c6, if budget problems? better wait a while for C7. saving right now the price of an already about 3.4 jt. But must remember back to the initial benchmark goals buy gadget with all the trimmings it is for what . Okay congratulations to choose, hopely there is benefit from the comparison between nokia c6 and C7.

almost forgot .. Here are the comparison shots nokia C6 and C7.

hasil jepretan C7, hasil foto c7

This is the photo captured by nokia C7

hasil jepretan c6, foto c6, hasil foto c6

Above is photo captured by c6. It was belong one of "Juragan" kaskus

So it's u'r decission to make choice..!!

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