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Unique Guest Books for Weddings

A wedding guest book is something that you should be able to enjoy forever. You should be able to open it and reminisce about all of the wonderful people that were able to take part in this special event with you. Many people overlook this simple aspect of the wedding. Try these great tips to make your wedding guest book memorable.

More Than Just Names - Custom Question and Answer Page
Are you looking for a unique way to remember that special event? Are you looking for something different than the typical guestbook? Create a guest book with more than just names. Custom question and answer pages are a great way for the guests to share memories about the bride and groom. These can range from "How do you know the bride a groom?" to "Share a funny story about the bride and groom." Every guest fills out a unique guest book page to be put into an album later.

Add Pictures to the wedding Guest Book
Have someone take pictures of the guests as they arrive. You can then put these pictures into an album for the guests to sign and write their own message. This can also be combined with the custom question and answer pages. This is an easy way to remember the guests and gives the guests a chance to share their favorites memories of the bride and groom. The bride and groom will enjoy looking back and reading about all the favorite memories the guests have about them.

Combine a Photo Booth and Album
A photo booth is the new craze at weddings. Guests enter the photo booth which then takes up to four crazy pictures of the guests. The pictures print out immediately. You can then put these pictures in an album and have the guests write a brief message underneath. The bride and groom are given the album at the end of the wedding. Photo booths give the guests something else to do than just dance. Both young and old love to jump in the booth for all sorts of unique pictures.

A wedding guest book is not just a book with names. Use your creative ideas to make lasting memories of the special event. Guests love to share memories of the bride and groom. They just need a creative way in which to do this. Combine these ideas with high quality pictures for a lifetime of lasting memories.

Article Source: Eric Perino

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